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May 6
The Passing of Beauty

Queen Beauty's reign, it is so brief
     upon this dark, benighted land
where life is but a candle flame
     that dies within a single breath
And life therein is only grief
     without the touch of Beauty's hand
     for all untouched succumbs to death
Her kingdom spans the starry sky
     beyond the mortal world, unseen
where seraphim, they freely fly
     and sing of their enduring love
for their fair, radiant maiden Queen

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Jun 23

A lonely man descends the hill
onto the dreary, desert floor
of gloomy, grey, and desolate sand
as dismal as his barren soul

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Jul 3

The twilight creeps upon my heart.
     A veil is draped upon my brow.
As all my hopes and dreams depart.
     All happiness is lost from here.
     And what remains? A single tear.

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Sep 30

What lone salvation might I find
among these ruined, shattered hopes?
All happiness, I've left behind
upon the lonely mountain's slopes.
Despair, despair, and misery
is all that lives within my mind.
Without her love, I cannot flee
from sorrow's grasp, depression's bind,
and I must sink into the earth
and taste the bitter nothingness
No merriment, happiness, joy, or mirth;
instead is only emptiness.
My wish has failed, my dream has died.
I cannot count the tears I've cried.

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Oct 20
Summer Memory

Oh, see the sunlight's play upon
the sapphire glaze of Western Sea
as fires dance across the sky
and daylight fades to memory

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