I'm not really all that mysterious

Non Possum Sperare

You cannot hope, foolish boy with mad dreams
seeking to break the Wheel of Time
and steal the scythe of Death

…I never particularly understand anything… I’m just good with coming up with labels for things I cannot really fathom

   Softly. My heart is being squeezed
         I have an emptiness eating at my soul

   It is disaster—bad stars—to linger on the stony edge of despair—no hope
Could I have not said it? Or was it hopelessly inevitable—not avoidable
the moment that I fell in love with you (or whatever you want to call it)
  in that dark moment of despair when my world was torn asunder
  and I couldn’t even tell you if I still knew what love meant
  or if I even believed in it anymore
       So I sat upon the edge, so distant
  my words failing—it doesn’t matter ‘cause you can’t see me anyway…
Oh you are like a star, your smile sparkling—though never for me
 Like a star, flying farther and faster from me through the silent void of space.

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