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Bits and Pieces

So today is 10-10-01… 101001 (also known as 41 to you non-machines out there—I suppose we’ll have to wait nine years until Deep Though finally finishes its calculations….) This is proof that we are living in the Information Age. Ordinary people (i.e., non-geek, non-nerd types) have been bringing up the fact that today’s date looks like binary code. (And tomorrow, which by the way is exactly a month since the terrorist attacks, is 10-11-01… 101101, which is 45. What does it all mean? I’m sure it means absolutely nothing. And I don’t know why no one mentioned 10-01-01… 100101… 37… Is there a pattern or what?)

Anyway, what I really wanted to share was how incredibly strange the Internet is making our world. Orwell must be rolling in his grave. Or maybe he’s laughing his ass off.

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