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Coming Soon?: Itim na Lawin Nabagsak

As Charles Bukowski said, “Politics is like trying to screw a cat in ass,” but I thought I was only being absurd when I threatened my Republican family members with the idea that electing W would ensure a return to the good ol’ days when we all worried about nuclear annihilation.

And I find it disturbing that the “War on Terrorism” is not being broadcast by the media like The Gulf War was. I remember being driven to school and listening to KFWB News 98 and listening to how many sorties the F-16s flew that day and having the sense that we were really at war, never mind the questionable politics behind it all. At least it gave us the illusion that the press was still free. Now, it seems like we don’t even bat an eye when propaganda gets rammed down our throats. Ah, if the Communists had only believed in television….

Most disturbing is the Pacific Theatre of War. I don’t see anything on the 10 o’clock news about Mindanao. For all we know they might have napalmed the whole island already.

Times like this I’m glad the Founding Fathers had the foresight to create the 1st Amendment, but I realize that a piece of paper ain’t gonna hold the jackboots back. Still, at least the L.A. Times lets a few snippets through now and again. Like this story about Green Berets rescuing wounded Philippine soldiers. Is this a sequel to “Black Hawk Down” just waiting to happen, or what?

It’s incredible really, how history just continues to repeat itself. The conquered become the conquering, the Republic becomes an Empire, and the rich continue to engage in their orgies and vomit sessions, oblivious to the poor being slaughtered on both sides, and yeah this is all bleeding heart bullshit, but I’m not blind… yet. What else am I supposed to do but rant and rave?

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