I'm not really all that mysterious

Typical Scenario

(Does anyone even read this? Have I lost even my 2.5 readers? I promise I’ll try to stop whining and try to start writing about interesting things soon. Yes. Very soon.)

OK I need some help here.

Situation: this girl whom I like but whom I know doesn’t feel the same just asked me to go to an event with her and her quasi-boyfriend. (I am not even going to elaborate, but you probably get what I mean.) Question: Should I go or not? Why or why not?

Random thought to no one in particular and not necessarily connected to anything: Medicine teaches us to think about how probable something is, teaches us to look for horses and not zebras when we hear hoofbeats. So if this is the horse I think it is, then the way this is working is that at least one of us is lying, either to one’s self, or to someone else, and I’m not sure I want to get imbroiled in something like this.

Aargh. Enough brain-blather.

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