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dream academy "life in a northern town"

After a couple of years of searching, I finally figured it out. (Thank you, Google. God only know why I didn’t think of it before.)

So there was this song that they played on the now-defunct Energy 92.7&5 in Chicago (which, remarkably, has the same format as the San Francisco Bay Area station The Party 92.7. I can’t seem to find an official website for it, though.) This was in, I think 2000 or maybe 2001, entitled “Sunchyme” by Dario G, which is a sample with the repeated lyrics of “Oh heyo, ma, ma, ma. Oh heyo, ma, ma, he-e-e-e-yo.”

Earlier this summer, I heard the original song from which this sample was culled, only I didn’t catch the lyrics, and was therefore unable to search Google for it.

But, at last. Dream Academy “Life in a Northern Town”. [lyrics]

(Another link I found on my Google travels: Bay Area Radio on Seems like they stopped posting in April, though.)

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