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everything but the girl “time after time”

I guess you could say that “Time after Time” is one of my most favorite songs, and I have different cover versions of it attached to various memories. For example, the version by INOJ is attached to the summer after graduating from college, when I tried lingering in the Bay Area, but then ended up going home in defeat. Now that was an extremely depressing time. This was also the time when A and E (whom I mentioned in the previous post) finally actually got together, and I remember hanging out with them and feeling superfluous and stupid. Ah memoreez.

Anyway, I actually didn’t run into the Everything But the Girl version until a few years ago, so this version reminds me more of Chicago. And, for some reason, the Native American casinos in San Diego County. And time travel.

I don’t know, this version of this song just makes me wonder about the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, in which every choice you ever make causes the world you’re in to branch off into parallel worlds, with each branch representing the outcome of a particular decision you’ve made. Whenever I hear this song, I wonder if there is a version of me somewhere in the multiverse much more happier and fulfilled than I am. Sometimes I think that knowing such a version of myself exists is all I can really hope for in this particular branch that I’m experiencing.

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