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One would be hard pressed to convince me that anti-immigrant sentiments are not synonymous with outright racism. The arguments that immigration foes posit are specious at best. The whole, “they’re taking our jobs” idea just doesn’t fly. I really don’t see too many white people lining up for a back-breaking season of crop harvesting or signing up to clean out rich people’s toilets. These aren’t jobs that white people want, although in a lot of cases, they are jobs that need to be done. A more informed argument is the idea that we have to discourage them from taking these jobs because it only encourages rich bastards to pay workers poorly. There is a lot of truth in this. The problem is that (1) it doesn’t directly address how we can get the rich bastards to pay decent wages and (2) it doesn’t address the economic pressures that drives people from developing countries to find jobs in the U.S. And, realistically, I just don’t see people voluntarily paying top dollar for their lettuce and tomatoes just so my black and brown brothers and sisters can have a living wage, undocumented or no.

So, in summary, in my mind, anti-immigration basically means the same thing as racist asshole.

The people involved in the Minuteman Project make me sick. Not that I condone violence, and not that I think drug dealers are great people, but I think it will be funny when the Arizona border eventually explodes into all-out war—eventually, the Mexican Mafia and other drug traffickers will have just about enough with these ignorant-ass dumbfuck gringos and they will start shooting them, international incident or no. And, clearly, the Mexican government will probably be mostly powerless to do anything, and because of the prison industry’s investment in the War on Drugs (and the resultant slave labor that bullshit drug charges gains them), I doubt that the U.S. government will be all that interested in escalation. Not to mention the fact that the U.S. government is currently embroiled in a fiasco in the Middle East and will probably be unable to muster troops to handle such a border mishap.

And for once in a long time, the Catholic Church is finally standing up for what is right. Faced with the prospect of a federal law that makes aiding and abetting undocumented persons a crime, Cardinal Roger Mahoney has basically given the U.S. government the equivalent of the middle finger. More like this, please. Because we really shouldn’t be asking the question “who would Jesus deport?” That’s right, all you self-righteous hypocrites, you really ought to know that Jesus loves Mexicans a lot more than your lily-white racist ass.

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