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Watching this on cable right now. The soundtrack is awesome. It sounds like a cRPG soundtrack, like an early Final Fantasy. I dig the electronic underpinnings that, while echoing the disco feel carried out of the ‘70’s into the early ‘80’s, also reminds me of the sound chips of the early microcomputers/personal computers like the SID chip of the Commodore 64 and the more primitive sound generators found in other 8-bit classic machines like the Atari 400, the Apple IIc, and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Incidentally, the music magazine XLR8R has a short article about chiptune, also known as bit-hop, or 8-bit, or video game remix, and discusses how this is a still a living scene.

Anyway, back to “Ladyhawke”. It’s a real archetypal story—two lovers are separated by evil magic, cursing the man to be a wolf during the night, and the woman to be a hawk during the day, never both being human at the same time. The curse was enacted by an evil bishop, who lusted after the woman, and swore that if he could not have her, then noone would. That’s when the young thief (played wonderfully by Matthew Broderick) happens to wander into this fairy-tale. I dig it.

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