I'm not really all that mysterious

intuition ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

I wonder if maybe the main reason why guys don’t listen to their sixth sense is the fact that most of the time it tells us completely freaky stuff over which we have no control over.

You know how I’ve been pondering this feeling of potentiality? I seem to lost my grip on it. Maybe it’s just that it’s gone, but I kind of feel like it’s still there, just out of my grasp.

Maybe foreboding? I don’t know. I just watched “An Inconvenient Truth” at the Arclight yesterday and I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that we’re all screwed. Although I am tantalized by the idea of Al Gore running for President in 2008, something I know he has publicly disavowed.

Yeah, there’s this sense that all this potentiality is on the move. Great things are afoot, way over my head, out of my hands. I am a single dry leaf caught up in the raging windstorm of time.

I did have the weirdest vision yesterday, though, in that twilight time when you’re not really asleep, but you’re definitely not awake either. I dreamt about the Unhealing Wound in the Land, a deep ragged scar in the icefields of Antarctica, opening up into the empty Void. The Messiah dives into this scar, sealing up the Wound, and leaving an unending trail of ice behind him, layer upon layer upon layer. In the distance of the Void lies the Singularity, a huge Black Hole that is the source of the Universe’s sorrow. The Messiah gets sucked into the Black Hole, spaghettified by tidal forces, broken up into elementary particles. This occurs exactly at the Event Horizon, and so appears to be frozen in time for all observers outside the Black Hole. The spreading wall of ice follows him down as well, obliterating the Void, but getting sucked into the Black Hole as well, likewise freezing in time at the Event Horizon.

So this is the state of the Universe, the obliterated Messiah transfigured in eternity at the Event Horizon, with the wall of ice holding the Void in check.

I had a few more weird dreams early this morning as well. I think maybe that’s what setup my mood of disquiet. Ah well.

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