I'm not really all that mysterious

sunset over the sea

This was one of those days that I wish I could bottle up and save for when times get bad. With my iPod as my personal soundtrack, I felt unstoppable. There were moments of such heartbreaking beauty that I felt that I could die.

Ever since talking with C made me realize that I had permission to enjoy life on my own, I’ve felt at peace. It was liberating to realize that, yes, these moments are real, even though no one else is with me to share them. Contrary to the popular opinion that the only things that are real are those that are shared, I at last recognize that these moments are the gold mined from the ore of life. I’ve had so many of these moments, these bittersweet moments of happiness that strike to the core of my being. The sun was shining down into the achingly blue sea, the sky was crisp, sharp, and clear with nary a cloud in sight. It was all very idyllic. My fantasy of paradise.

Tomorrow I go back to the real world, entwined in the delirium of work without end. Despite it being so close to summer, the days are never long enough.

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