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the flossy flossy

Interesting. You may have heard the song ”Glamorous” by Fergie. The chorus has been driving me crazy:

The glamorous, the glamorous, glamorous, the glamorous, ooh, the flossy, flossy

What the hell does “the flossy, flossy” mean? Well, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, it may well be related to the word floozie: woman of disreputable character, perhaps a variation of flossy: fancy, frilly.

Now this is seriously old school, coming from sometime in the 1890s.

If not for my sister, I would not know any showbiz trivia whatsoever. I had no idea that Fergie, AKA Staciie Ferguson, was originally on ”Kids Incorporated” which was a show that featured such luminaries as Martika, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rahsaan Patterson, Mario López, and Shanice.

Evidently, Fergie was also part of the group “Wild Orchid.”

Things you never wanted to know.

#meta Man, I’m digging ecto’s ability to upload pictures to Mephisto automatically. (Right now I’m using the MovableType API instead of MetaWebLog, so there might be a difference.)

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