I'm not really all that mysterious

social progressive/fiscal conservative

I like to think I take a progressive stance on several issues: for example, universal health care, women’s rights for choice, same sex marriage. I want us out of Iraq now. I want us to work on alternative fuels, and to add stricter regulations to the consumption of hydrocarbons. On the other hand, I’m all for a small government. Maybe Reagan successfully brainwashed me as a child. If I lived during the time of the foundation of the Republic (and I wasn’t a person-of-color), I might have been a Whig. I’m all for weak executives, paralyzed/gridlocked legislators, and strict constructionists. Let the people in power play their futile tug-of-wars. It will let the rest of us get down to business. To me, states’ rights are paramount, and local politics are key.

The Electoral Compass

The company who is running this site is Dutch. I honestly didn’t think that Obama was more progressive than Edwards, but apparently it’s not just the media frenzy that makes me want to vote for my man Barack. According to this site, he actually best matches my political positions.

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