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9iu11ani is out

I remember watching (and eventually becoming nauseated by) the news coverage of the WTC attacks back in 2001 and thinking how Rudy G was totally posing for a presidential run. I’m actually surprised he managed to fuck it up so badly. He managed to piss away his position as front-runner, and he even turned 9/11 into a sad, pathetic joke.


I mean, if the uber-idiot W made it, how could a guy who (ostensibly) ran NYC go wrong?

Don’t get me wrong. Giuliani is a goddamn corrupt fascist thug. While he did clean up NYC big time, it wasn’t without grave human cost. But we all know that Rudy wouldn’t bat an eyelash when confronted with torture, and would think nothing about setting the Constitution on fire. So good riddance. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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