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flashback (the hazards of having gone to berkeley)

A week ago, it was sunny and warm, and I headed up to L.A. I was wearing my “Barack the Vote” T-shirt that my sister gave me for Christmas. I didn’t realize I was running on empty until I got to Carlsbad, so I got off the freeway and stopped at the nearest gas station. All of the sudden, I got self-conscious about wearing the shirt. North County San Diego is notorious for being rabidly right-wing, and I wondered if anyone would react. But I finished filling up my tank, got back in my car, and got on the freeway. Somewhat fittingly, the next song my iPod decided to play was “Get Together” by the Youngbloods.

"Get Together" by the Youngbloods

As I drove through Camp Pendleton, my thoughts went out to all the men and women putting their lives out on the line in the desert, and for what?

The parallels with the late 1960s are kind of eerie.

As I sat here catching up on my RSS feeds, screwing around with Facebook, and trying to recompile some packages with Fink, I suddenly started thinking about this song:

"San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie

I’m not sure what inspired that. Is it a piece of history that came floating out of the past? Or is it a prophecy of the times to come?

I just keep hoping that it’s really time. The wheel of history is about to turn. Change is a-comin’.

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