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While I had stay at work all night until the morning, I really didn’t do much besides get Mephisto up and running again. This all started because I got sick of the Scribbish theme (which is, nonetheless, a great theme—I dig the hAtom support). I tried to install the Clarity-Orange theme but because Safari irritatingly always decompresses files, I ended up with a folder instead of zip file.

So I try to recompress it, but since I’ve forgotten what switches to set so that things get zipped recursively, and because I was too lazy to RTFM, I ended up uploading a borked file.

But instead of realizing that the recompressed file was borked, I ended up surmising that my version of Mephisto was too old (close, but not quite, 0.8) and tried to upgrade.

In reality, the upgrade went without a hitch. Because Hosting Rails has a git client installed, all I needed to do was follow Patrick Lenz’s directions on how to setup a local git repository to simplify upgrades to Mephisto.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten there was some funkiness with getting Image Science to work as a thumbnailer. A tweak to config/environment.rb may be the solution, but I’m too exasperated to try it right now. I ended up disabling thumbnailing instead.

The last thing to do was restore my database, which I had accidentally deleted during this fiasco. Luckily, I had the foresight to back it up before messing around with anything. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it from work since it’s sitting on my system here at home. Fun times!

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