I'm not really all that mysterious

it's not science fiction, dude

The current meme circulating on these internets is whether or not we should trust someone who can’t use a computer to lead the nation.

I have to confess, I’ve actually never really thought about it. I don’t hold it against anyone to not be familiar with the technology, but if you’re gonna be sitting behind the Shiny Red Button, you better be damn well-versed with technology, man!

Especially with technology that is now as essential as the telephone and the radio has been.

And this isn’t agist. My 72 year old uncle who happens to be an dyed-in-the-wool, Fox News-watching Republican knows how to use a computer, for God’s sake. As do both of my parents, who are in their 60s.

If you don’t know how to use a computer, you’ve got serious problems that should disqualify you from important positions.

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