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twitter vs tweet: there's more than one way to do it

\‘twi-tər\ [from Middle English twiteren, akin to Old High German zwizzirōn to twitter] intransitive verb 1. to utter successive chirping noises 2a. to talk in a chattering fashion 2b. giggle, titter 3. to tremble with agitation : flutter

transitive verb 1. to utter in chirps or twitters 2. to shake rapidly back and forth :

noun 1. a trembling agitation : quiver 2. a small tremulous intermittent sound (as of birds) 3a. a light chattering 3b. a light silly laugh : giggle
\‘twēt\ noun a chirping note tweet intransitive verb (from Merriam-Webster Online)

I can’t believe people are already being prescriptivist over this.

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