Aug 2010

Aug 1
mash up

So I had a dream that was a mashup of "Inception", Starcraft II, and the archetypical American Western.

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Aug 2
an idle mind is the devil's playground

So I've been in a weird mood all weekend. Maybe it has something to do with the recent solar flare and the incoming coronal mass ejection. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep. Or maybe too much sleep. Probably, I'm not getting enough exercise.

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Aug 5
i need new hobbies

Maybe I need to find something else to do with my free time besides play games. I dreamt that a cadre of undead businessmen and their zombie minions were trying to strong-arm the mayor of my Sim town into letting them build a sprawling mall-and-parking lot complex that would cause untold ecological catastrophe. While the Sim mayor tried to stall during negotiations, a detachment of space marines from Starcraft landed in drop pods and annihilated the legions of undead.

Aug 7
simple is forgetting. i simply can't forget.

It occurs to me how much less angst I would experience if I stopped imagining certain scenarios as "what if" and just accepted them as "never gonna happen". What is gone is gone.

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Aug 16
wandering through these streets

If I dwell too much on it, it does depress me how much I feel like my life has shrunk. This was, to be sure, inevitable. Almost all of my energy is spent working so that when the day is done, I just don't feel like doing anything at all. Because, sadly, whatever remaining energy I have gets spent on the arduous commute home. The East L.A. Interchange is evil, and whoever designed this monstrosity needs to be punished.

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Aug 17
westbound on the 10

I'm starting to notice that the days are getting shorter. It swear it was only a few days ago when I could still make it home long before the sun would set. Now I'm driving home with the sun in my eyes most days, trying to make it before the sun disappears. But I guess I don't mind watching the sun set too much.

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Aug 18
i so rarely catch the sunrise

I've been in an odd mood lately. It's weird how the end of summer still gets to me.

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