Oct 2011

Oct 4
The Fall of the Republic

The Republic is falling. Long live the republic!
Slow fall, was it only ten, maybe twenty years ago
the Dream long ago killed, sterilized, repackaged
    and rebranded
absolute free, no money down
with the adjustable rate and the balloon payments
camoflauged under the fine print

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Oct 17
somehow shifted

Funny how the random function of my iPod can just make my thoughts go "that a way", to steal a turn of phrase. "I See the Light1" from the "Tangled" soundtrack started playing, and I started thinking about fairy tales. There has been much ink spilled and many photons shed about how Disney ruins little girls, but maybe it's not really that gender-specific. While it might be argued that Hollywood in general peddles the pernicious idea of "happily ever after", none of the studios inculcates this idea so universally to people at such a young age.

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Oct 25
silver linings

Trying to focus more on what I have, instead of what I don't.

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