Mar 2012

Mar 3
there are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends

There was a time after Edwin Hubble discovered the universe was expanding that I think a lot of people thought the universe was doomed to end. Gone was the idea that the universe was static and eternal. So it was either the Big Freeze, or the Big Crunch. Either the great heat death of the universe, or gravity would eventually halt the expansion and everything would come crashing back down into a singularity again.

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Mar 5
the art of not wanting

But everyday I say I'll try to make my heart be still.

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Mar 11
it's never enough

The thing I recognize that will be a growing problem because I spend all this time alone is that I am becoming increasingly selfish. I find myself less and less able to tolerate other people's contradictory opinions, and I find myself increasingly resentful of others when I feel like they're impinging on my freedom, even though I realize that compromise is necessary if you intend to keep the peace. I know for a fact that I used to be far more tolerant than this, but I'm not sure how to stop this apparent devolution.

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