I'm not really all that mysterious


I've learned to associate September with endings and beginnings. All these doors all of the sudden start closing, but somehow new ones open.

I think I’ve made this observation before, but September has been historically a month of ups-and-downs for me.

It probably doesn’t help that I was born in this month, so it tends to remind me that I’m getting older (and I’m not even going to write about all the existential angst this generates.)

And it’s the harbinger of autumn and literally darker days.

September reminds me of heartbreaks1,2, of loneliness, of setting sail into the open sea solo.

But despite appearances on this blog, last September turned out well indeed.

Here’s to better and better Septembers. #AgingLikeFineWine

  1. Jocelyn Enriquez, Amber, and Ultra Naté "If You Could Read My Mind" • 2007 Sep 6 • Disordered Thought Processes

  2. Disappointment (Not Unexpected) • 2006 Sep 29 • Disordered Thought Processes

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