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Google Retrospective

I am exactly eight years back on my quixotic quest to completely migrate my old blog posts from Mephisto to Jekyll.

I speculated rampantly about what Google was going to do in the future.

In retrospect, I think I might have wildly overestimated what Google was capable of doing.

I’m still not entirely sure what Google did with all that dark fiber, though.

But the idea of Google trying to take on the established cell phone carriers seems absurd now, although the idea that wifi was going to be everywhere seems like it’s still happening. (I guess Google does power the wifi at a lot of Starbucks.)

The Google Nexus phone (née gPhone) also did come to fruition, although it runs Android, not Chrome OS.

Although Chrome OS (née Google OS) is now being folded in Android.

Still, Chromebooks don’t seem to be going anywhere.

I also ran into mentions of OpenSocial. OAuth at least seems to have insinuated itself into the very fiber of the current incarnation of World Wide Web.

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