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Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts

The only black engineer at Twitter quits.

Twitter’s only black engineering manager blasts company over ‘diversity problems’ • 2015 Nov 5 • Justin Carissimo • Independent

White people come to the conclusion that diversity hiring is a pie-in-the-sky, because they think that the only way to create diversity is by lowering hiring standards.

Actual time spent reflecting on very basic, very obvious cognitive biases inherent in wetware: zero seconds.

@eevee reminds us that “not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.”

The tech diversity blind spot • 2015 Nov 6 • @eevee • Fuzzy Notepad

“Don’t order a test if you don’t understand what the test will tell you.”

This is the first lesson you’re supposed to learn as a third-year medical student on clinical rotations, but a lot of us don’t really learn this until intern year when we’re getting paged 50 times an hour because of all the slightly abnormal values the lab is reporting from tests that we probably shouldn’t’ve have ordered in the first place because it doesn’t change management at all and you could’ve just saved a lot of time and effort and lost sleep if you had actually interviewed and examined the patient instead.

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