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Missed My Blogiversary Again

November 5th, 2015 was the 15th anniversary of my foray into blogging. (There are blog posts before my first post but those are actually transcripts of various things I’ve written on paper because I have this obsession with posting as much of my writing online as possible. #ClosetNarcissist)

I am still highly amused by how I’ve come full-circle from static site generation using ad-hoc XML, XSLT, and Makefiles to static site generation with Jekyll.

I am also a little more than eight years back in my on-going quest to migrate and integrate all my scattered blog posts into a single site.

It seems self-evident now, but I really did do most of my writing when I was happier (although “happier” is clearly relative.) The darkest parts of my life are mostly undocumented, or only touched upon obliquely. This is probably for the best.

P.S. happy birthday, dad!

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