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Calling Out Bullshit

Let’s face it, most people who post on the Internet believe they are righteous and correct. This is not surprising.

Intent doesn’t really mean anything. All that matters are results, and trying to change people’s minds online does not generally lead to the hoped-for outcome.

But all public posting on the Internet is ultimately about narcissism. So, to me, the important part of speaking up on the Internet and pointing out vileness is not really to try to change anyone’s mind by conveying that something and/or something is vile, because most likely (1) they already know it’s vile or (2) they’re deeply self-deluded and paralyzed by cognitive dissonance that they’ll never be convinced it’s vile.

So the real point is to convey that I think they’re being vile, and that our subsequent interactions (if any) should take this into account. #narcissismFTW

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