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Adobe Deprecates Flash

I’ve hated Flash for a long time.

Anything that hastens the demise of Flash-only websites is in the best interest of the Internet in my book. I’m not against Flash-only content per se, but when the data you’re serving is perfectly usable as plain text, I really have to ask why. — 2010 Jun 22 on FriendFeed

Many pundits thought that iPad would be useless without Flash.

Steve Jobs HATES Flash, hence iPhone 4G and iPad FAIL? • 2010 Feb 5 • Richi Jennings • IT Blogwatch • Computer World


But the beginning of the end was probably when Adobe surrendered on the mobile front.

Mobile Flash Abandoned for HTML5: Adobe Surrenders, Apple Wins? • 2011 Nov 9 • Matt Peckham • Techland • Time

Flash is dead. It just hasn’t stopped moving yet. — 2012 Apr 12 on FriendFeed

But now the writing is clearly on the wall.

Flash, HTML 5 and Open Web Standards • 2015 Nov 30 • Conversations • Adobe

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