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Influenza and AGE

Hmm. While it’s true that most cases of viral acute gastroenteritis are caused by rotavirus, norovirus, enteric adenovirus, and astrovirus, influenza can totally cause GI symptoms.

While vomiting, diarrhea, and being nauseous or ‘sick to your stomach’ can sometimes be related to the flu — more commonly in children than adults — these problems are rarely the main symptoms of influenza.

Is the “stomach flu” really the flu? • Season Influenza Q&A • CDC

(in response to There Is No Such Thing As The Stomach Flu • 2015 Dec 17 • Kavin Senapathy • Forbes)

It’s true that calling vomiting and diarrhea “stomach flu” tends to obscure the etiology and the mechanism of action, but until the general populace is willing to call it “acute gastroenteritis” or “gastro” as pediatricians are wont to say, I’m not sure “stomach flu” is ever really going to go away.

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