I'm not really all that mysterious

Fight Club

So I had this weird dream that I was at work. But instead of my usual office, it looked like the Whitefeather law firm from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and it was a combination internal medicine-pediatrics clinic and dental office.

The clinic abutted a very tall mountain range.

And after closing at 5 p.m., they set up a fight club in one of the conference rooms. It was run by East Asian women and the opponents fought in their white-collar work clothes.

And because it was—inadvertently—my first time there, I had to fight.

I was worried that I would get home really late and ミA彡 would worry about me.

But the East Asian women running the fight club wouldn’t let me leave and would throw me back into the makeshift arena, where I was fighting a five foot tall East Asian guy wearing a black long-sleeve button shirt and black slacks, and he was totally kicking my ass.

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