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The iPod is Dead! Long live the iPod!

I am still on my retrospective crawl through my blog. I’ve finally gotten back to Oct 2006

Looking back at this old post about the iPod turning five, it’s funny how what seemed totally impossible nine years ago is now the status quo.

The iPod did eventually get radio receivers and transmitters—for cell phone service, for WiFi, and for Bluetooth.

The iPod spawned the iPhone and the iPod Touch. And the iPod Classic was eventually killed.

While FM radio is clearly not dead, more and more people prefer streaming services like Pandora or Spotify or even iTunes Radio.

You can even stream FM radio over iHeartRadio if you want.

I listen to KPCC and KCRW over their respective iOS apps.

Apple also eventually managed to shake off the yoke of DRM while the Microsoft Zune has been killed with DRMed tracks unplayable once the licenses can’t be renewed.

Stackable iPods never became a thing, but since we can share iTunes libraries and can store tracks in the cloud, it’s not as necessary as I first envisioned.

While Apple is far from dead despite the death of Steve Jobs, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything as groundbreaking as the iPod or the iPhone since.

Sure, there’s the iPad, which, in retrospect, really raised the bar for what people expect from a tablet.

I can’t help feel that Windows 8 and Windows 10 and the Microsoft Surface wouldn’t be what they are today if not for the iPad.

There’s the Apple TV. While the Roku was first, it’s become one of the mainstays for watching streaming video on your TV

And most recently, there’s the Apple Watch, jumping into the emerging market of wearables.

We’ll see what happens in another 5-10 years, I guess.

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