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Bowie's in Space

I can’t believe that David Bowie is dead.

David Bowie Dies At 69 • 2016 Jan 11 • NPR

Bowie has always been somewhere in my subconscious. When I started listening to KROQ sometime in junior high, they would regularly play his stuff, especially on Richard Blade’s Flashback Lunch.

So I would regulary hear “China Girl”, “Let’s Dance”, “Modern Love”, “Rebel Rebel”, “Suffragette City”, “Changes”, “Ashes to Ashes”. I didn’t think too deeply on it, truth be told. He was just part of the aural landscape for me.

It’s possible that I heard “Under Pressure” by Queen and Bowie before I ever heard “Ice, Ice Baby”.

I loved “Labyrinth” as a kid.

When I was in college, KOME in the Bay Area played the crap out of Nirvana’s cover of “The Man Who Sold the World”.

And when “Life Aquatic” came out, I got obsessed with Seu Jorge’s Portuguese covers, especially “Life on Mars”.

I think I downloaded every single cover of “Life on Mars” that I could find. I’m not sure why, but I find the song really comforting. It’s got me through some really dark times.

David Bowie • Life On Mars?

But what really drove Bowie into my consciousness was Flight of the Conchords, which my sister got me to watch.

Flight of the Conchords • Bowie’s in Space • YouTube

And I might have heard it long before—it certainly sounds deeply familiar—but “The Martian” brilliantly used “Starman”

David Bowie • Starman

The world does seem like a darker, sadder place without him. But I know the music and the funky weirdness will live on and on.

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