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Cry Havoc

So in the course of converting some of my old blog posts to YAML+Markdown (and adding more tags to them) I found myself wondering what the adjectival form of “havoc” would be.

  • havocic
  • havocalic
  • havocative
  • havocational
  • havocasual (h/t John B.)
  • havoc[k]y (h/t John B.)
  • havocological (h/t Alex S.)

I suppose I could always use the gerundive “havocking”

Also, the phrase “cry havoc” is derived from Old French “crier havot” so that makes “havotic”, “havotive”, and similar derivations feasible.

I also stumbled upon a word that’s new to me: “chance-medley”, which Merriam-Webster lists as a synonym for “havoc”.

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