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The Illegitimacy of the House of Telcontar

The Toast brings up the fact that Middle Earth is a post-apocalyptic ecocatastrophic feudal dystopia and that Aragorn’s ascension to the throne was totally illegitimate.

The Illegitimacy of Aragorn’s Claim to the Throne • 2016 Jan 19 • Austin Gilkeson • The Toast

The fact of the matter was that Gandalf practically ensured that any of Gondor’s ruling elite who weren’t pro-House of Elendil ended up dead.

Certainly there were factions that would’ve fought under Denethor’s and/or Boromir’s banners had either of them survived the War of the Ring. Convenient, isn’t it?

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Allowing Boromir to journey with the guy who was likely to usurp his claim to leadership was already a fraught situation, and Gandalf was probably counting on Aragorn to take care of any dissension in whatever way was necessary. It’s just that history is written by the victors and they even made it look like Boromir died with honor to allay any suspicion.

And Gandalf spent years actively poisoning the relationship between Denethor and the only other guy who would’ve been his staunch ally. Despite his pro-royalist stance, I doubt that Faramir would’ve gone head-to-head against his own father in a war of succession.

Given that the Númenoreans ruined their civilization to the point that it was personally destroyed by God Himself, the Gondorrim probably shouldn’t have been so quick to crown a long-lived, pure-blooded Númenorean like Aragorn.

The pro-royalists like to blame Sauron for the Akallabêth but everyone else knows that Ar-Pharazôn was already a raging, raping dickhole. All Sauron did was give words to what was already in Ar-Pharazôn’s heart.

There was someone who laid claim to the throne of the Roman Empire in the 20th century but that’s only really about 700 years from the fall of Constantinople compared to over 1,000 years after the fall of Fornost Erain.

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