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Not All Knowledge is Science

Ethan Siegel points out the obvious that science is not the only form of knowledge and that non-science clearly has value.

It is true, of course, that there is no objective way to be sure that what we perceive or measure reality to be actually lines up with what reality actually is. But there is nothing wrong with wrestling with the concepts of solipsism, nor materialism, realism, idealism or other schools of philosophical thought.

Is there scientific knowledge to be gained from them? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthwhile endeavor to think about, particularly if it helps you to realize personal truths about yourself and how you deal with the world and Universe outside of your own mind. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with reminding ourselves of the assumptions we make inherent to all our endeavors in this Universe, whether they be scientific or not.

After all, the arts and humanities have a tremendous value to us as well, even if that isn’t scientific value.

Even if you have an insecurity about how important the thing you’re passionate about is, that’s no excuse to treat others like their passions are valueless simply because they aren’t yours.

What Scientific Arrogance Really Looks Like • 2014 May 15 • Ethan Siegel • Medium

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