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Organic Food

It’s well known that conclusions from scientific papers can be confusing and misleading, especially when filtered through the popular press.

A few years back, a Stanford meta-analysis of studies on organic foods concluded that there was very little benefit.

Little evidence of health benefits from organic foods, study finds • 2012 Sep 3 • Michelle Brandt • Stanford Medicine News Center

Are organic foods safer or healthier than conventional alternatives?: a systematic review. • 2012 Sep 4 • Smith-Spangler et al • Ann Intern Med • Pubmed

A more recent study, however, notes that organic foods contain more of certain nutrients and antioxidants.

Is Organic More Nutritious? New Study Adds To The Evidence • 2016 Feb 18 • Allison Aubrey • The Salt • NPR

Choosing “organic” might mean you can get more omega-3 FFAs in your diet.1

Also, organic foods contain more anthocyanins and polyacetylenes. Which may or may not have health benefits. Although the difference is concentration is not huge, and there are probably other more obvious things you can do to eat more healthy….2

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