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Dolores Huerta and the Nevada Caucuses

I really think that attacking major figures from the Civil Rights Era who support Hillary Clinton will hurt the Sanders camp far more than it hurts the Clinton camp

[Susan Sarandon’s] video really does not indict Huerta of the bias alleged by Sanders supporters; it’s easy to see why she felt abused and upset after being shouted off the stage. Nor does it completely clear the Sanders supporters of all the allegations against them; some of the comments that are clearly audible in it amount to more than bad public behavior.

Whether intended or not, those applauding effectively sanctioned a process that allowed qualified voters who do not speak English, or who are Spanish-dominant, limited insight and influence in the evening’s events.

Some people at the caucus gathering may have been singularly focused on what they viewed as the risk of a Clinton supporter interpreting events for all Spanish-speakers in the room. But then, at the very least, they shouted an 80-plus-year-old woman off the stage for what they believed to be political bias. That is not a moment of which to be proud.

That the woman in question happened to be Dolores Huerta really does make matters worse. After all, Huerta is one of many people who personally waged activist war to create a multilingual voting system in the United States.

Neither side was quite right on that Dolores Huerta ‘English-only’ shout-down • 2016 Feb 21 • Janell Ross • Washington Post

That guy shouting “I’ll never vote for Hillary” repeatedly during the video? That’s the sound of the doom of the Democratic Party.

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