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It is heartening that The New York Times has decided to separate pledged delegate counts from superdelegate counts.

Democratic party leaders who are free to support any candidate. The majority of the 712 superdelegates have declared support for Mrs. Clinton, though they could switch candidates if she were to lose the lead in pledged delegates, which are awarded based on election results.

After Michigan’s and Mississipi’s Democratic primaries last night, Clinton leads with 759 pledged delegates versus Sanders with 546 pledged delegates.

2016 Mar 9 • Harry Enten • FiveThirtyEight

Even Debbie Wasserman Schultz—who has been reviled by many in the Sanders camp because they believe she is a bought-and-paid Clinton minion—thinks it’s absurd to count superdelegates at this stage.

Are superdelegate counts skewing election results? • DNC chair blasts media for ‘inaccurate’ portrayal of delegate counts • 2016 Mar 8 • Hannah Button • KOIN 6

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