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Nuclear Energy

I’m not against nuclear power per se, but I’m thinking thorium reactors are the way to go. While, yeah, uranium and plutonium reactors are generally very safe, when there’s an accident (and there will always be accidents) it can be potentially unfathomably catastrophic and effectively permanent, at least as far as human timescales are concerned.1

5 years later, Fukushima radiation continues to seep into the Pacific Ocean • 2016 Mar 9 • Ken Buesseler • PBS Newshour

Yes there are hundreds of uranium or plutonium nuclear power plants running for thousands of hours that don’t meltdown and/or release radioactive materials into the environment but it only takes like three or four that do to ruin things for literally hundreds and thousands of years.2

Fukushima’s ground zero: No place for man or robot • 2016 Mar 11 • Aaron Sheldrick and Minami Funakoshi • Reuters

In the shadow of Fukushima, a ghost town struggles back to life • 2016 Mar 11 • Jake Adelstein • Los Angeles Times

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