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American Despotism

I think the fact that Trump will be a despot if elected and already has an obviously despotic personality is readily apparent to (1) anyone who grew up in a developing country (2) anyone whose parents are from a developing country and quite possibly fled to the U.S. because of despotism (3) anyone who actually paid attention in high school history class.

To be weary of Hitler or Mussolini comparisons and saying “get back to me when he starts putting people in concentration camps” is a lot like me saying “get back to me when your pre-cancerous dysplastic lesion turns into actual cancer” and saying “calling Trump Hitler minimizes the Holocaust” is like me saying that being concerned about your pre-cancer minimizes the experiences of those who have cancer.

Donald Trump’s tactics are disturbingly similar to those of actual dictators • 2016 Mar 21 • Amanda Taub • Vox

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