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Hitler Political Timeline

The typical instinct on the Internet is to recoil at any comparison of a contemporary politician to Hitler (thanks, Godwin!) but sometimes you really can’t avoid it when someone decides to run on an ultranationalist authoritarian platform.

It is frequently noted that Trump hasn’t yet committed any atrocities, but I think that if we get to that point, we’ve definitely let him go way too far.

It makes more sense to compare him to Hitler’s early political career.

In 1919, Hitler joined the DAP. The DAP became the NSDAP in 1920. Hitler started giving anti-Communist/anti-Semitic speeches to rile up like-minded Germans, but he didn’t organize the brownshirts until 1922.

The NSDAP didn’t really win any elections until 1924 (as the NSFP) and Hitler didn’t run for president until 1932 (and lost).

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