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Friends and the Man in the High Castle

The lack of ethnic diversity in “Friends” despite being set in NYC makes more sense if you imagine that it’s set in the same universe as “The Man in the High Castle”

In any case, it’s clearly set in an alternate universe. In our current universe, Central Perk has never existed. And in the “Friends” universe, 9/11 never happened.

inspired by How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization • 21 Mar 2016 • David Hopkins • Medium (h/t Steven P.){: .metadata }

The only thing that would be worse than the total and utter whitewashing of NYC is an alternate Southern California where no one spoke Spanish.

Also, it occurs to me that “Big Bang Theory” is what would happen if all the characters on “Friends” pretended they were big nerds.

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