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Bringing Balance to the Force

On one hand, yeah, privileged people with lots of resources can probably survive a Trump presidency (assuming he doesn’t declare martial law and line up all his critics against walls, constitutional or not.) It’s not going to hurt them as much if Trump and collaborators in Congress and the SCOTUS start dismantling the social welfare safety net, continue weakening civil rights, send soldiers off on futile wars, start destroying the environment at an even faster rate, etc., etc.

On the other hand, I can see why some people would be attracted to the idea of letting Trump win in order to galvanize the rebel alliance. Sure, lots of people are gonna die, and this country will probably be shattered beyond recognition, never again to regain its status of sole world superpower/hegemon. But if you have no faith in the institutions of democracy, rule of law, neoliberalism, and/or market solutions, and you don’t really have much to lose, I can see why someone would argue this.

Susan Sarandon Says She May Not Vote For Clinton If Sanders Loses Dem Race • 2016 Mar 29 • Caitlin Cruz • Talking Points Memo

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