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Word Salad

Inexplicably, Sarah Palin is still being paid attention to.

You probably missed Sarah Palin’s speech in Wisconsin. It was totally bizarre. • 2016 Apr 5 • Chris Cillizza • Washington Post

Getting off the airplane
Seeing all the green and gold
and the green and gold
until I’m dead and cold
paraphernalia everywhere

This awesome awakening,
the shifting and sifting
and the exposing of this rabid bite
for them to hang on to
any kind of relevancy
and to hang on to their gravy train.

Inducing and seducing them with gift baskets Come on over the border and
here’s a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls.

In order to work, to produce,
to strive and to thrive,
and to really be alive
in the greatest country on earth.

Trashin’ our economy, shippin’ out jobs,
lettin’ us foot the bill, palin’ around
with the same old politicos and insiders.

And we won’t retreat, we’ll reload.
We’ll reload.

Sarah Palin “Red State of Mind (Green and Gold)”

Seriously, though, either she’s dropping a track in collaboration with Kanye or she’s having a stroke causing Wernicke’s aphasia.

But I have to admit, “green and gold” is pretty good metonymy for cash and precious commodities.

Also, why do I suddenly have a Boy George/Culture Club song in my head?

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