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Web Browsers

It makes no sense to me, but having multiple different browser instances open (like, literally five different browser instances right now) seems to use memory more efficiently than if I had opened everything in multiple tabs in a single browser.

I started using site-specific browsers again, which I had started playing around with literally nine years ago.

Alas, Mozilla Prism is long-dead, but is still around.

But what I prefer the most right now is Epichrome.

So far I have a process running Facebook, another running Feedly, yet another running Google Hangouts, and the last one running GMail as well as a normal Chromium process. I will sometimes run out of memory in Chromium, necessitating a restart, but so far OS X 10.11 El Capitan seems to be doing a good job keeping memory usage under 7 GB (I currently have 8 GB installed on the machine I’m typing this on.)

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