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The Robot Uprising Already Happened

Most jobs left that are front-facing (i.e., that require person-to-person interaction) will probably not be satisfactorily automatable until AI becomes much more powerful.

But even then, replacing people with AI will just create troubleshooting jobs to take care of AI errors, crashes, and/or insane behavior and customer service jobs to smooth over situations when the AI acts like an asshole.1

Good news: automation already destroyed most of the jobs • 2016 Apr 15 • Timothy B. Lee • Vox

…in the service sector, automation is often very partial and relies on offloading work onto customers.2

Automated checkout wasn’t enough to keep Fresh & Easy alive, that’s for sure. (Of course, it wasn’t really totally automated because you can’t buy alcohol from a machine and human still needed to handle any errors.)3

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