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Economic Injustice and Systemic Racism

I can’t help but feel that reducing every problem to the problem of income inequality is one of the major reasons why Sanders really never made significant in-roads with older PoCs.

Yes, Sanders has legit Civil Rights era credentials, but the idea that fixing economic injustice will fix the problem of systemic racism misses the mark.

And it’s hard not to see it as a form of triangulation: there’s a part of me that suspects the reason Sanders never went all in with tackling systemic racism as its own major problem above and beyond economic inequality is that he doesn’t want to alienate the white people on his side.

The Line That May Have Won Hillary Clinton the Nomination • Clinton left a rhetorical door open for Sanders to connect Wall Street and race, but he didn’t do it • 2016 Apr 28 • Matt Taibbi • Rolling Stone

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