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The Destruction of the Republican Party and the Decline of the U.S.

Stepping back further in order to fully admire the spectacle, the whole narrative arc of the Party of Lincoln transforming into the Party of Trump is quite breathtaking.

When Richard M. Nixon starts looking favorable, you know you seriously fucked some shit up.

The problem is that Trump might not just destroy the Republican Party. He might very well start to unravel the U.S.

R.I.P., GOP: How Trump Is Killing the Republican Party • 2016 May 18 • Matt Taibbi • Rolling Stone

Democrats who might be tempted to gloat over all of this should check themselves. If the Hillary Clintons and Harry Reids and Gene Sperlings of the world don’t look at what just happened to the Republicans as a terrible object lesson in the perils of prioritizing billionaire funders over voters, then they too will soon enough be tossed in the trash like a tick.

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