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The Reason People in This Country are Starving

Proponents and GMOs and pesticides like to point out that increased production is the only way to prevent massive starvation. While I am not anti-GMO or anti-pesticide, this is demonstrably false.

The reason why people in this country are starving is because the system of distribution is all fucked up and we waste a ton of food.

A lot of the food that gets tossed out in America – some $162 billion worth each year – is fresh, nutritious and downright delicious.

2016 May 19 • NPR • Facebook

Increasing production without fixing the system of distribution of food will merely increase waste rather than prevent starvation.

In addition to preventing starvation, decreasing food waste will also slow climate change.

Food waste is the single biggest component of solid waste in U.S. landfills — and a major source of the powerful greenhouse gas methane.

2016 May 19 • Maria Godoy • The Salt • NPR

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