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I am flabbergasted.

Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Charlotte Greenwood, James Whitmore, Jay C. Flippen • Oklahoma!

The last time I drove through Oklahoma was in 2004 and it looked like a totally normal place.

Now I can only imagine that it looks kind of like “Mad Max: Fury Road” (with the landscape constantly shifting because of fracking quakes) and the not-very-sane governor is only barely able to keep the total crazies in her legislature in check.

(Remember, this is the governor who is so pro-life, she continued executing people despite the fact that the usual drugs used for lethal injection were no longer available and Oklahoma had to start home brewing their own mixture of drugs, leaving an inmate sentenced to death writhing in pain for almost an hour before he died of a heart attack.)

Okla. introduces Obama impeachment measure over bathroom directive • 2016 May 20 • Tim Devaney • The Hill

Oklahoma Governor Vetoes • 2016 May 20 • Hannah Levintova • Mother Jones

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