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The Realignment of the U.S.

Matt Taibbi already deconstructed how absurd Andrew Sullivan’s argument is—the problem with the U.S. isn’t that it’s too democratic—but I do think there’s a chance that Trump will win and I do think the backlash might make our system even less democratic than it already is.

Is America’s Democracy Ripe for a Dictatorship? • 2016 May 20 • Jacob Weisberg • Slate

If Clinton loses the general election, I can imagine the Democratic party breaking apart along the same lines as the Republican party has: the establishment that mainly represents the business and political elite vs. the populists.

Meanwhile, if Trump is president, odds are his supporters are going to run amok and create a reign of terror. The establishments of both ruined parties will probably come together to resist the rule of the mob, but the U.S. as we know it will probably cease to exist.

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